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Foot Health Check


A foot health check is basically a health check for your feet. It helps to establish how healthy your feet are and includes tests for circulation and nerve sensation. In some cases it can identify any underlying health problems.


We recommend that a Foot health Check is carried out every 6 to 12 months, just to ensure that any problems are identified at an early stage, so that appropraite action can  be taken. 


Just think, we have our teeth checked on a regular basis and lets face it we can replace our teeth, You can't replace your feet !!


Diabetic Foot Care


The Podiatrist will check both pulses in your feet and look for evidence of loss of sensation. They will also be looking for any foot deformity or signs of excess pressure that may require footwear advice, removal of corns and callus and in some cases an insole. The cutting of nails will also be included in the treatment.     



Ingrowing Toe Nails


An Ingrowing toe nail can be very painful and may cause regular episodes of infection. Conservative treatment involves the cutting back of the painful part of the nail and may involve a periodic preventative treatment. Where the condition is chronic with repetitive re-occurence of the problem, a minor surgical procedure under local anaesthetic may be required.  






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